Senate Judiciary Committee Studies Foreclosure Issues

07/05/2011 9:38 PM | Anonymous
The Judiciary Committee of the Florida Senate has an interim project to present issues and options related to expediting the foreclosure process, including the implementation of nonjudicial foreclosure or other options, should the Legislature desire to establish a new process in this state. Among other elements, the project will review the existing judicial process and efforts being made to facilitate that process; analyze the extent to which states can implement nonjudicial foreclosure in the residential context, in light of federal law changes; review the experiences of other jurisdictions that use nonjudicial foreclosure; consider due process, fiscal, and other issues related to use of nonjudicial foreclosure; and address, in particular, the application of nonjudicial foreclosure in the commercial property context.

So please expect a busy legislative session again trying to get a better handle on the Florida Foreclosure Crisis.
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