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  • 08/01/2011 2:30 PM
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    Our agency has had some difficulty communicating with this law firm that is in the business of collecting COA late assessments.  Be aware they will not speak with you on the phone, nor entertain a visit to their office (their publised address is PO Box).  All communication has to be in writing.  When requesting payoff's the law firm usually accelerates assessments and does not indicate they are accelerated assessments, so you can not allocate future assessments to the buyer; furthermore the buyer is never aware at closing that may have to come to the table with these funds.  When asked to explain how a $5,777 lien recorded in March 2011 resulted in a payoff over $12,000 two months later, the firm was non responsive, only replying their calculation was correct.  It took two months to correct the payoff. 


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