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  • County Resources         
  • Check Military Status  (requires SSN or DOB)
  • MERS Servicer ID
  • FL UCC Search
  • Surveying Information
    • Water Boundary Data
    • Interactive Water Boundary Map  This is a GIS interface which allows drilling down to underlying data, including tidal monitoring stations
    • Original Surveys  This link will take you to Original US Survey Maps and Field Notes on a Section-Township-Range basis   Federal Source for Original Surveys (including other States)
    • Board of Trustees' Land Database System (BTLDS) This link includes images of documents involving the state, including US Patents, various types of state conveyances, Disston deeds, and Murphy Act Deeds
    • Interactive Map – This is a GIS interface which allows drilling down to underlying data, including section lines & corners, overlaid on a topo map or aerial photo.  To start the process, either use the “Geo Zoom” tab or highlight the area of interest on the state map  Various map overlays can be selected by clicking options on the “Map Layers” tab.
    • Beaches GIS – Using this GIS, you can alter the layers using the tabs at the far left of screen to overlay the Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) and see its relationship to a given property.
    • Florida Geomatics – This is a private site which contains an assortment of useful survey and historic links.

  • Aerial Photos
  • Spanish Land Grants  FL State Library images of various Florida Spanish Land Grant files created during the confirmatory process.  Note LABINS.ORG has survey/location information on land grants. 


Disclaimer – while FLTA can provide convenient links to various websites, we cannot be responsible for their suitability to your purposes, the accuracy or completeness of the underlying information, the purposes for which you may use the site or even that they are links to the places you need to go.   Most of these websites include statements of their own limitations and qualifications.   So, as is always the case, it is up to you as a title professional to know and understand the information you need for your purposes, the limitations of the information you consult, to draw appropriate conclusions, and in the case of any doubts or concerns, to consult with your underwriter.


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