Proposed Total Deregulation of Surveyors

During the 2011 Legislative Session, HB 5005, as part of a broader deregulation of many licensed professions, would have eliminated all regulation and license requirements for professional land surveyors and do away with the "minimum technical standards" for surveys.  

The Title Industry is probably the biggest "consumer" of surveying services.  Every day, we rely on the accuracy of surveys to remove the "Standard" title exceptions and replace them with exceptions specific to the insured property.  And we are required by law to remove the "standard" survey exception -- so we wind up "insuring" the accuracy of the surveys for our policyholders.  

Understandably, the industry objected to this proposal and mobilized.   Our call to action is here

Following letters, calls and personal conversations by FLTA and many of our members, the bill was amended to leave surveyor regulation "as is."  Here is our report, a thank you letter from the Florida Association of Surveyors and Mappers, and a news article from ALTA on our efforts.  

Working together, we really can make a difference in Tallahassee.

Updated 4-22-11

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