UPL & Short Sales

On February 11, 2011, the Florida Bar Committee on the Unlicensed Practice of Law held a hearing in Orlando to address the issues of whether the participation of a licensed title agent (or others) in a short sale transaction was the unlicensed practice of law. 

The FLTA was well represented at the hearing by President Pat Hancock, Agent Section Chair Beverly McReynolds, Government Affairs Committee Chair Ted Conner, and Executive Director Alan Fields. 

Here are links to the hearing notice and written submissions by the Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section of the Bar, the FLTA and the Agent Section

The Committee took several hours of testimony from interested parties, including Realtors, mortgage brokers and others.   They did not have time to discuss the testimony received and expect to continue the discussion at their June meeting.

At their June 24, 2011 meeting, the UPL committee decided that they would not issue a formal opinion.  Instead, they directed staff to work on a guidance letter for presentation and review at the committee's September meeting.   

On September 30, 2011, the UPL committee issued this letter.    

Updated 6-25-11

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