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forms Committee 


  •          Assist the State Regulatory authority in a strictly advisory capacity with the approval of title insurance forms, the promulgation of rules relating to title insurance forms and issues associated thereto.
  •          Excluding any issues pertaining to rates or rating issues.


  •         Work on form revisions with the members of the committee.
  •          Propose to the State regulatory authority, revisions to the existing forms or new forms.
  •          Work in conjunction with the State Regulatory Authority.


  •          Who:    A representative from all Insurers Section members
  •          A representative of the Title Insurance Agents and Abstractors Section (non voting)
  •         Term:  Annual
  •          How do you get on the committee?
  •          Selected by the Section member to represent that section member.  With respect to the Title Insurance Agents and Abstractors Section representative, selection is made by the chair of that Section


  •          Who: A person selected by the Chair of the Insurer Section
  •          Term: 1 year
  •          Responsibilities:
  •          Schedule and provide notice of meetings and make appointments to subcommittees on specific issues and projects of the Committee. 

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