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Weak Passwords Continue Their Haunts

10/06/2020 9:13 AM | Scott Merritt (Administrator)

A weak password is still one of the most common ways a hacker will break in. They are typically easy to crack and/or often reused. Thanks to password-hacking software readily available online, hackers can try millions of possible password combinations in just seconds.

When it comes to passwords, one thing is certain: Size matters! Try using a Passphrase instead of a Password. Follkow these steps to create your own secure Passphrase. 

Step 1 – Add words to create a phrase

Let’s say you love FLTA. Add some words around it so that it makes sense to you in a meaningful way: Iloveflta

That’s a good start, but it could do with being longer. Be more specific: Ilovefltawelivesecurity

Step 2 – Add capitals for emphasis

Your passphrase as it currently stands is a lot stronger than the original password. However, it needs more detail. Add capitals, as if you’re emphasizing each word (in your head): ILoveFLTAWeLiveSecurity

Step 3 – Add punctuation for creative flair

Consider this step as a decorative element, as if you’re now considering your passphrase visually. To make it easier, add punctuation at the beginning and at the end: ILoveFLTAWeLiveSecurity!

Step 4 – Add spaces to add further complexity

A lot of people are unaware of the fact that you can add spaces to your passphrase. This makes it much more complex: I Love FLTA WeLiveSecurity!

Step 5 – Add block capitals to go one step further

Your passphrase is in good shape. However, a ‘final topping’ will add another layer of security – block capitals: I LOVE FLTA WeLiveSecurity!

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