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FLTA HISTORY: The Florida Land Title Association has roots that extend back to 1914 when a group of title abstractors joined together to form an association dedicated to improving the practice and procedures of searching land titles. Incorporated in 1971 The Florida Land Title Association, Inc., is a non profit trade association that is still dedicated to serving the land title insuring industry by promoting shared goals of education, professionalism, ethical standards, and to effectively advocate member concerns.


A primary mission of the FLTA is advocating board approved positions in the administrative and legislative forums of Florida. As a highly-regulated industry, it is critical that we maintain open lines of communication and access to the Office of Insurance Regulation, the Department of Financial Services and the state legislature. The FLTA has continuously worked to promote open and honest communication between regulator and the regulated. The Association maintains a registered lobbyist and an effective political action committee (TIFPAC) to assist it in promoting effective governmental relations and coordinating with the lobbyists representing the various underwriters.

Recognizing that the needs and interests of title agents occasionally differ from those of the title insurers, the Agent Section of FLTA maintains its own professional lobby team in Tallahassee funded through voluntary donations. On most issues, the Agent Section is fully in accord with the direction being taken by the respective underwriters, but it can take its own position where appropriate to furthering the unique interests of our agent members.


One of the most important functions the FLTA fulfills is keeping its members informed. The written publications are the newsletter, "The Tallahassee Report" containing topical industry news, technical information, legislative matters, claims information, professional achievements, employment opportunities and the like. The "FLTA Basic Title Insurance Handbook" is an excellent desk reference for a broad range of title topics including forms, examples, the Administrative Rules governing title insurance, the Uniform Title Standards, and a long list of general title information topics.

Our most recent endeavor is the FLTA Home Page. It is our intention to continue to expand and enhance this electronic medium and keep FLTA in the forefront of providing timely and accurate information to our constituents.


The FLTA has the only professional designation program for Land Title Professionals in Florida. The Certified Land Title Institute (CLT) operates as an independent entity within the FLTA whose purpose is to conduct a yearly examination in title searching and closing proficiency. The CLT conducts study seminars for those qualified to sit for the exam and oversees testing and grading of the candidates. Successful candidates are awarded the CLS or CLC designation for expertise in land title searching and land title closing, respectively.

In addition to the professional designations, the FLTA hosts a number of continuing education seminars throughout the year to assist our members in meeting their continuing education requirements and to maintain their high professional standards.

FLTA FACTS: The Florida Land Title Association is governed by a 13 member board of directors with representation of both agencies and insurers from all regions of Florida. Our by-laws have established a mandatory balance of governance between agency members and insurer members, with seven Zone Vice Presidents responsible for maintaining communication with various parts of the State. The presidency of the Association rotates between agency and insurer members each year. The board is charged with the management of the Association and has a permanent office located in Tallahassee with a staff consisting of the Executive Director and her assistant. The board meets at least four times annually.

The FLTA has two sections, the agents section and the insurers section. The sections focus on matters that are critical to their side of the title insurance business. In some instances differences in viewpoint are raised in joint section meetings where communication and consensus building become the paramount objective.

The FLTA has a number of standing committees, and other ad hoc committees that allow membership involvement in matters of individual interest. These committees are: Governmental Affairs and Judiciary, Finance, Membership, Public Relations/Allied Industry Liaison, Legislative Action, Claims Prevention, By-Laws, and Convention.

JOIN FLTA: If you are engaged in the title insurance business and do not belong to the FLTA, you are on the outside looking in. Why not give membership a try? There are valuable incentives for new members. CLICK HERE for membership information.

Florida Land Title Association is a 501(c)6 not-for-profit organization.

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