Cyber Security Awareness

It is critically important to verify messages and communication received when in a real estate transaction. Always verify wiring instructions over the telephone with your original title agents contact information. It is VERY RARE for wire transfer instructions to change once given.

Please Share - Talk With Your Real Estate Professional

Wire Fraud Rack Card

Help spread the message of verify, verify, verify by ordering your personalized Wire Fraud Rack Card today through ALTAPrints. Or download and use this FLTA one through your local printer (4.5" x 11").



Create YOUR Rapid Response Plan

Title Agents plan ahead with this Rapid Response Plan for Wire Fraud Incidents supported by FLTA. (Download Plan)

Rapid Response Plan Log

Title Agents use FLTA's Rapid Response Worksheet.


Microsoft End of Support Deadlines Announced (Posted 04/2019)

Microsoft recently announced it will be suspending support by date certain on various Operating Systems. Check the list to see if you computer system is on it.


The above is not legal advice. For appropriate legal recommendations we recommend contacting your general counsel.

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