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  • 05/10/2013 12:56 PM
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    I wanted to comment on the last article on page 16 (actually, more of a question) – “Should we be warning our customers about this one?”


    These companies are more wide-spread than just Florida.  Having lived and worked in Florida for 28 years until being transferred to Texas, I bought and sold several houses and never remember a mail solicitation of this type.  However, when we purchased our home here in Frisco, Texas, we started receiving official-looking mailings that advised us the we “MUST” have a certified copy of our deed.  Luckily, my wife understands what I do for a living and inquired why I couldn’t just get a copy myself instead of having to pay a company to do it. 


    About 5 years ago we purchased a home in Greene County, Missouri, and these mailings started to appear within a month.  My wife remembered our conversation about the Texas deed and wasn’t duped by the Missouri solicitations. 

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