Where is FLTA Going?

  • 08/13/2011 6:38 PM
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    At the Summer Board Meeting, I presented my thoughts on goals and projects for FLTA over the next two-three years.   You can look at that presentation HERE.

    Given where we have been, it is an ambitious set of goals and yes, DREAMS.  And Linda and I can't do it alone.   The only way many of these can be accomplished is with the help of members willing to take on a project and carry it to completion. 

    But we have to start with both a Vision -- and an understanding of the specific projects and steps that make up that Vision.   So let me know if I got it "Right"


  • 08/25/2011 6:11 PM
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    Debbie Turner

    Great start, hope you get input from many members.

    As an affiliate I would like something that i can send to my clients that would define what FLTA can do for them. Would prefer it to be digital so it can be attached to emails.

    Also as an approved instructor by  the Dept of Insurance to teach Title Agents courses.  I would be willing to give presentations for CEU credit understianding that they would need to be nuetral as to any particular agency or company.


  • 08/29/2011 7:09 AM
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    Jim Russick

    I think we are off to a terrific start for the New FLTA.  There are a lot of folks to thank for that, but more importantly, there is plenty of room for agent members to get involved and really contribute meaningfully to our profession.  I certainly hope that our new web site is beginning to get the message out - this is a renewed organization led by title professionals with a vision and resolve to centralize the advocacy efforts so essential to the title industry and the state economy.   

    Many might anticipate that I would ask and invite more volunteers at this point.  I don't like the optional tenor of the word "volunteer" so I will not.  Rather, I will share with all that title insurance is under attack in Tallahassee by those who choose not to understand the enormous positives we bring to the economy.  These uninformed  but powerful people will, if unstopped, destroy the industry and the state's economy.  This is not a choice.  Participation is not optional.  Get involved, there is room for all title professionals.  Contact Alan Fields or your Zone Vice President.  And welcome.

  • 08/29/2011 5:02 PM
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    I couldn't agree more with Jim.

    To drive home the point about us being an industry under attack -- just last week, one of our regulators hinted to us that he expected to see a bill filed this year which would set the underwriter portion of the premium on a "file and use basis" and permit no portion of the title insurance premium to be paid to agents. 

    Given our current mix of elected officials, this type of "deregulation" will have some appeal. 

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